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Final consultation report

EDiTE consultations with relevant stakeholders in 2013 and 2014 were implemented with the aims of:
  • exploring stakeholders' views on the content and the potential use of the EDiTE doctoral programme,
  • promoting the effective use of the results of the project and,
  • assessing the opinions of these stakeholders on the interest, trustworthiness and credibility of European degrees in general and the EDITE program in particular.

    36 stakeholders (students, teachers, academics, policymakers, experts) from national level and 4 European experts or group of experts were consulted on their opinion of a doctoral program in teacher education.
    For the consultation process a common interview template was used by all consortium members, however, partners could also adapt the process to their institutional and national requirements.
    Information on the background of consultations, questionnaire and the summary of results:
    Report on consultations (2014): PDF

    The results from the EDiTE consultation process in English, Hungarian, German, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian (2013):
    in English: PDF
    ELTE Result Presentation in Hungarian PDF
    UB Result Presentation in Romanian PDF
    ULS Results Presentation in Polish PDF
    UL Result Presentation in PortuguesePDF
    UIBK Result Presentation in German PDF