Joint doctoral
curriculum for
teacher education


EDiTE aims to create a closer link between teacher education and the research arena by promoting engagement with research topics that cross conventional boundaries between practice, policy and research.

EDiTE aims to strengthen research departments and enhance research capabilities by integrating expertise from the field into a jointly-run course open to candidates from throughout Europe and the world; thus addressing priorities of innovation and the European Higher Education Area.

EDiTE aims creating a future step in career development of young researchers and teaching professionals; stimulating the recruitment of scientifically qualified professionals from the world of teaching, promoting the mobility of professionals within the EDiTE curriculum development and implementation; as well as in increasing their chances for professional and scientific access.

The EDiTE will further enable students to develop a critical view on their own system and provide them with a broader perspective on teacher education by conducting research in an international environment, predicated both on intercultural and multilingual content and pedagogy and on international composition of students and faculty.