Crossing boundaries
between practice,
policy, research


The EDiTE Programme runs across three academic years (six semesters) and corresponds to 180 ECTS credits. The curriculum and ECTS credits are structured in two consecutive modules with thematic sub-modules.

Module 1 - Advanced Pedagogical Studies. The general purpose of this module is to understand that contemporary trends in pedagogical studies are multi-paradigmatic and based on contemporary development of the discipline such as philosophy, ethics, methodology, anthropology, psychology, sociology and pedagogy. The doctoral student is expected to understand that any chosen paradigm has consequences in theory/science and educational practice. In that case, the diversity of theories has become a tool for collecting the range of different perspectives, to see the educational issues embedded in different socio-cultural and political contexts. The full version can be downloaded here (PDF).

Module 2 - Research Intensive Module. In Module 2 students are realising a complex, time consuming individual research project. On the basis of this, they write a scientific thesis which they defend in a public debate.

The content of Module 2 curriculum consists mainly of those actions/activities and frames that are needed for the realisation of a successful individual research project and the preparation and the defence of a high quality doctoral dissertation. Students in Module 2 are taught and they learn through this complex research and thesis writing/discussing activity. They learn through planning their own research, through implementing it, by writing their dissertation and by entering a public academic debate on their research findings. The pedagogical concept of this Module has been, therefore, built basically on the pedagogical model of project and problem based learning, and that of research or inquiry based learning. The aim of the curriculum of this Module is to guide teaching and learning through the accomplishment of a complex individual research project. The full version can be downloaded here (PDF).

The Module Design provided the conceptual structure for the development of the curriculum modules (PDF).