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EDiTE Winter School 2015

After two years of development the work on the curriculum of the European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) has been finished. For aspiring scientists and practitioners in the fields of teaching, school life, education management and policy, EDiTE offers a chance to professionalize in an European context. In the transition period between conception of the curriculum and the beginning of the doctoral program, doctoral students and faculty members of the five partner universities met in Innsbruck for the first EDiTE Winter School.

From February 1st to 7th, 2015 the first substantive seminar with participants of all partner universities was held in the form of EDiTE's first Winter School.

At the foot of Innsbruck's snowy mountain skyline the participants - 20 PhD students and teachers from five different countries - were involved in intensive discussions on doctoral research projects and research priorities, provided lectures and developed perspectives on diverse substantive topics from the field of teacher education in the European context such as, The alignment of teacher education in the context of European research and competitiveness, Forms of professional practice in terms of transformative learning and assessment concepts, Learning and development of student teachers as well as the "next practice" of innovative teacher education.

The visit of the elementary school "Inner City" and the federal government secondary school "In der Au" will be remembered as a special experience and one peak of EDiTE's first Winter School. With Eva Nora Hosp and Margret Fessler we were received by two head teachers not only warmly, but also with an admirable level of competence and commitment. The participants of the Winter School were hereby presented two future partner schools of the EDiTE program developing professional practice in an innovative way and will allow doctoral students to develop their research projects in this surrounding.

Dissemination Report which covers the full 24 months of EDITE's project duration is an overall document gathering all EDITE dissemination activities.
The document can be downloaded here (PDF)

ECER Conference "The Past, the Present and Future of Educational Research in Europe", Porto, Portugal, from 2nd to 5th September 2014

Ana Paula Curado has submitted a paper proposal under the title "Developing a European Doctorate in Teacher Education" to NW: '10. Teacher Education Research'.

The proposal has been accepted, and academics interested to know more about the EDiTE project can meet Ana Paula in person during the 4 days of the Conference.

More informaion available at
The presentation by Ana Paula Curado can be downloaded here (PDF).

Seminar and final conference "Teacher education and teacher education policies in the European Union"
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, July 3-4. 2014
Further materials on the Budapest seminar and final conference can be found here.

Seminar “State of the art of research in teacher education”
University of Lisbon, Conference Room, September 5. 2013
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