Joint doctoral
curriculum for
teacher education


EDITE POSTER - an awareness-raising poster in English (PDF)
EDiTE FLYER - A short introduction of the project in English (PDF)
EDiTE BOOKMARK - an eye catching bolster for increasing interest and invitation to involvement into the project,in English (PDF)
EDITE LOGO - project identity design - (zip)

1. Overall information about EDiTE in English, German, Polish, Hungarian,Portuguese, Romanian
EDiTE Public Presentation English (PDF)
UIBK Public Presenation German (PDF)
ULS EDiTE Public Presenatation Polish (PDF)
ELTE Public Presentation Hungarian (PDF)
UL Public Presentation in Portuguese (PDF)
UB Public Prsentation in Romianian (PDF)

2. Results presentation: Information on the results from the EDiTE consultation process in English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian
EDiTE Results Presentation in English PDF
UIBK Results Presentation in German PDF
ULS Results Presentation in Polish PDF
ELTE Results Presentation in Hungarian PDF
UL Results Presentation in Portuguese PDF
UB Results Presentation in Romanian PDF

3. Final presentation: Information about the curriculum development and future implementation in English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian
EDiTE Final Public Presenation English (PDF)
UIBK Final Public Presentation German (PDF)
ULS Final Public Presenatation Polish (PDF)
ELTE Final Public Presentation Hungarian (PDF)
UL Final Public Presentation in Portuguese (PDF)
UB Final Public Presentation in Romianian (PDF)

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