Crossing boundaries
between practice,
policy, research

Curriculum Development

Based on a shared vision of teacher education and building on the existing programs of the consortium partners, the EDiTE project is aiming at designing an innovative and interdisciplinary doctoral program. The EDiTE curriculum has to ensure the development of competences supporting the highest quality research and scientific activities in the field of teacher education which guide the curriculum development processes according to the need of creating the alignment of teaching and learning activities and assessment practices.

Throughout society, Europe has become an increasingly important reference point. For professionals in the education area, responsible for preparing future generations of Europeans, this is perhaps even more the case. EDiTE aims at developing a European dimension in teacher education programmes. Since there is little knowledge about the "Europeanness" of teacher education, this programme will help in raising awareness for a new expectation of what constitutes the European context for professionalism. This might help in creating a "European space" in teacher education, where a PhD for professionals can draw on a broad field of experience in the education of researchers.


The quality of the EDiTE project was monitored via a set of interlinked activities and tools. They included, namely:
a) Monitoring internal quality at regularly planned intervals: Reports completed in January 2013; September 2013; January 2014; Final Report in September 2014.
b) Independent external evaluation (expert subcontract): Guidelines completed in Dec 2012; 1st External Evaluation Report April 2013; 2nd External Evaluation Report September 2013; 3rd External Evaluation Report January 2014; Final External Evaluation Report September 2014.

The reports were produced during the project runtime to inform the partners and management on relevant quality issues. The two final reports are published on this website:

  • Final Internal Monitoring Report in September 2014 (PDF)
  • Final External Evaluation Report September 2014 (PDF)