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Curriculum STRUCTURE

The EDiTE curriculum is structured around two modules: the Advanced Studies Module (Module1)(60 ECTS) and the Individual Research Module (Module 2) (120 ECTS). The Advanced Studies Module as a comprehensive learning program is constituted of three submodules: the Advanced Pedagogical Studies Submodule, the Transversal Studies Submodule and the Research Methodology and Management Submodule. The Individual Research Module is an intensive research programme that creates a general framework for students to realise their individual research and makes their active involvement possible in relevant research on teacher education. This module is strongly connected with the Research Methodology and Management submodule of Module 1.

Module 1:
Advanced Studies
30 Advanced Pedagogical Studies
12 Transversal Studies
18 Research Methodology and Management
Module 2:
Individual Research
120 Research activities
Residential Research Activities
Defence of PhD
Sum: 180  

EDiTE Curriculum Framework (PDF) (Semptember 2013). This document describes the complex structure of the European Joint Doctorate curriculum, including values, philosophy, module and related competence descriptions.

EDiTE Curriculum Configuration (PDF) (March 2014). A description of the admission, selection and enrolment procedures is provided in this document, information about the mobility phase and related procedures, and the awarding and recognition of the degrees.
While the documents were restricted to the programme participants during the development process, the consortium decided to create transparency by sharing the final versions of both documents on the website, allowing potential PhD candidates and possibly new partner universities to get an insight in the curriculum framework, that is the backbone of the EDiTE doctoral programme.