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The European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) is a four-year project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Marie-Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement number 676452.

The project takes place over a period of four years (October 2015 – September 2019). Under the project, fifteen Early Stage Researchers from eleven countries (Bhutan, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Nepal, Poland, Serbia, Syria, USA) are employed by five partner universities, where they work closely with supervisors and pursue individual research projects in the framework of the EDiTE joint research programme.

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Distrust and Educational ChangeAn Interview with Dr. Kathy Schultz
I’m with Dr. Kathy Schultz, Professor and Dean of the School of Education at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She gave the keynote speech at this year’s EDiTE’s Conference on European Perspective in Transformative Education in Wroclaw, Poland. Her presentation was titled Distrust and Educational Change: Responding as Educators to Our Current Times. So, just to start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your work, and specifically what your presentation was about for this year’s conference?

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Read our new blog entry and join in the comment section with your opinion on who stands “in a pedagogic way” against the right-wing extremists in Poland?

Backstage of EDiTE Video Lectures! @MichaelSchratz giving a virtual lecture about the Austrian Education System! Follow us here:
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Photo courtesy: OSCE/Ewa Marszalowska The Challenges of Teaching About Bias, Prejudice, Intolerance and Antisemitism - On 21-22 November OSCE/ODIHR organized a meeting in Lisbon, bringing together experts of teacher education, teachers and community members to discuss the challenges of teaching about bias, prejudice, intolerance and antisemitism. The representatives of the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon were Professor Florbela de Sousa and EDiTE researcher Nikolett Szelei. The meeting was part of the “Words into Action to Address Anti-Semitism” OSCE/ODIHR project that aims at preventing and responding to antisemitism in the sectors of security, education and coalition building. The meeting focused on education and classroom practices, taking into account the realities of pre- and in-service teachers Continue Reading

EDiTE Research Program: Transformative teacher learning for better student learning within an emerging European context

The theme of the EDiTE program, Transformative Teacher Learning for Better Student Learning within an Emerging European Context, draws on the deep interdependence of educational research and practice. Therefore, over the course of the project, the EDiTE community envisions growing  into a leading European network for innovation in teacher education, accessible to academics, practitioners and policy makers.


One of the most important issues in education is how to increase the quality of teaching, improve the effectiveness of classroom-level processes and develop teachers’ practical knowledge. Almost all curriculum development interventions aim at improving teacher learning, as this is the most important tool in supporting teachers to cope with new challenges, a process that has implications on individual, institutional and national levels.

We are interested in understanding how teachers learn about the learning of students. Thereby it will be necessary to pay attention to (1) the nature of teachers’ professional knowledge, (2) the collective or social nature of teacher learning and (3) the role of teacher research. A range of (qualitative and quantitative) research approaches will be used to find out more about teacher learning in the participating countries.

According to research results, innovative learning environments, typically found in “knowledge-intensive” schools, could serve as the most inspiring context for teacher learning. In a dynamic context organizational structures are favourable to achieving the enrichment of applied methodologies, launching local-level innovations, developing organizational culture, and increasing students’ learning motivation and outcomes.

To contribute to this innovative perspective, we understand teacher learning as “transformative learning” (when teachers understand their students’ learning to which they adapt their teaching, which in most cases involves a radical change in their professional conduct). This transformative learning does not only happen during teacher education, but during their whole professional life, a great part of which is work-based. Teacher learning has to be connected to student learning. This is more than a learning theory, teachers and students belong to a community/communities of practice.


Student learning is not only what can be measured (e.g. in effectiveness studies) but includes non-measurable components. In fact, most of our learning experience is not measurable (Conner & Sliwka, 2014). In our research, we are asking about the implications of this fact for teacher education, conducting research on the nature of the (deep) learning of teachers whose starting point is their understanding of the complex world of learning of their students. Ethnographic, phenomenological and other approaches will enable researchers to pursue research at this level of understanding.


Taking the “European Teacher” (ENTEP/Schratz, 2010) as a starting point, we will aim to define what the emerging European context for teacher learning could be (designed or forecast; cf. the Bucharest Reference Research Center focussing on Foresight Studies) and what skills, competences and attitudes of teachers should be developed. Reflection on the future perspective of education in Europe will be an on-going focus for ESRs in the process of their collaborative work across the partner institutions and countries.

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