“Every teacher knows exactly what to do”

Josefine's Wagner presentation at European Conference on…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Brief Presentation of Research Proposal

Malte Gregorzewski - Brief Presentation of Research Proposal…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Crossing the Threshold in the Margins – From the Critique of Ideology Toward Emancipatory Pedagogical Praxis

Tamas's Toth paper presentation at European Perspectives…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Framing the mobility of global concepts and local practices in education: The European teacher in the era of globalization

Abstract by Vasileios Symeonidis & Christian Kraler…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Europeanisation in teacher education: Perspectives of international policy experts and the case of Hungary

Abstract by Vasileios Symeonidis for HuCER 2017,  Hungarian…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Evidence-informed school leadership: An innovative framework and first empirical findings

Abstract by Christian Wiesner, David Kemethofer, Malte Gregorzewski…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

A Culture of Leadership – How to assess School Leadership via FieldTransformation360

Abstract by Malte Gregorzewski, Wilfried Schley, Michael…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

How school leaders practice leadership for learning in excellent schools distinguished with the German School Award

Abstract by Malte Gregorzewski & Michael Schratz for ICSEI…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

“Learning from the best”- Leadership in schools which won the German School Award

Abstract by Michael Schratz, Markus Ammann, Malte Gregorzewski…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

„Von den Besten lernen“ – Schulleitungshandeln in ausgezeichneten lernwirksamen Schulen des Deutschen Schulpreises

Abstract by Michael Schratz, Markus Ammann & Malte…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

ICT in Teaching EFL from the Perspective of Journals (2010-2016)

Presentation by Dev Raj Paneru during ATEE Conference 2017,…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

The Portuguese divide: A critical look at how multilingualism is shaped in language policies and classroom practices

2nd International Conference on Bilingualism Book of Abstract…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE
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