Teaching “Social Studies in English”: A case study of Education for Democratic Citizenship from Austria

Abstract by Shaima Muhammad for Intercultural language education…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Rethinking ‘cultural activities’ in primary and preschools: the complexity of culture, nationality and language in urban Lisbon

JustEd International Research Conference Book of Abstracts…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Schools at crossroads: how to respond to cultural diversity? A case study from urban Lisbon

Conference papaer by Nikolett Szelei for ECER 2018, Free…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Pedagogical supervision in Poland and Portugal: A qualitative study of discourses and practices in teacher development

VIII Fórum de Jovens Investigadores Book of Abstracts with…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Teaching the Good Citizen? Teacher’s Approaches to Education for Democratic Citizenship in Portugal

Shaima's Muhammas second abstrat for 8th Biennial EARLI…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

History education and the construction of national identity in Syria: The need for a critical and emancipatory approach

Abstract by Shaima Muhammad for 18th Biennial EARLI Conference,…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

“There are languages with which there`s nothing we can do“ Teacher voices from a multilingual school cluster in Portugal

Nikolett Szelei, Ana Sofia Pinho, Luís Tinoca & Inês…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

The missing link: teacher learning for diversity in an area-based intervention in Portugal

Teacher Education Policy in Europe 2018 Book of Abstracts…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Cultural diversity in TEIP: A Portuguese school intervention case study

Nikolett Szelei at VIII Fórum de Jovens Investigadores,…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

What is ’interculturality’ and ’multiculturalism’ in schools? A critical view on school practitioners’ conceptualisations

Nikolett Szelei at International Conference on Interculturalism…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Role of formal and informal learning in the context of preparedness for lifelong learning

Presentation by Deisi Yunga during ATEE Conference 2017,…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Teaching the ‘good’ citizen in a diverse classroom: Teachers’ conceptualization and approaches to citizenship education in Austria and Portugal

Shaima's Muhammad presentation durirng TEPE 2018, University…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE
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