EDiTE PhD Curriculum

The EDiTE curriculum is structured around two modules: the Advanced Studies Module (Module1) and the Individual Research Module (Module 2). The Advanced Studies Module as a comprehensive learning program is constituted of three submodules: the Advanced Pedagogical Studies Submodule, the Transversal Studies Submodule and the Research Methodology and Management Submodule. The Individual Research Module is an intensive research programme that is the general framework to realise the individual research projects. This module is strongly connected with the Research Methodology and Management submodule of Module 1.

Module 1: Advanced Studies

  • ECTS
  • 30
  • 12
  • 18
  • SUBTOTAL: 60
  • Advanced Pedagogical Studies
  • Transversal Studies
  • Research Methodology and Management
  • SUBTOTAL: 60

Module 2: Individual Research

  • 120

  • Research activities, Defence of PhD, Residential Research Activities


  • TOTAL: 180
  • TOTAL: 180

For more information about the institutional implementation of the PhD programme please visit the host universities’ websites listed in the EDiTE Consortium section.