Presenting European Research at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in Vancouver, Canada (Nov. 20-24, 2019)


At this year’s annual conference meeting of the American Anthropological Association, EDiTE supervisor Hana Cervinkova (Maynooth University; previously University of Lower Silesia) and her former doctoral student EDiTE researcher Josefine Wagner (University of Lower Silesia & University of Innsbruck) shared their Central European educational research in a multitude of formats from chairing a round table to presenting papers and receiving an award!

As a member of the Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE), a section of AAA, Hana Cervinkova chaired a highly engaging and critical panel that discussed the topic of Translation and Multilingual Publishing: Inequalities, Difficulties, Necessity? In the International Year of Indigenous Languages, this roundtable explored the role that anthropological publishing plays in the promotion or erosion of linguistic diversity world-wide, and in the potential deepening of anthropology’s global commitments. Among a wide range of highly acclaimed scholars, the roundtable included Jonathan Larson (University of Iowa), Michael Chibnik (University of Iowa), Francine Saillant (Laval University), Sylvia Caiuby Novaes (Universidade de Sao Paulo) and Ulf Hannerz (Stockholm University) who was also honoured for his lifetime achievements by colleagues and friends through a plethora of moving talks on World Watching. Discussants Martha Radice (Dalhousie University) and Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois), former president of AAA, highlighted the tension of English-language hegemony in anthropology whereas the discipline claims to empower the diversity of cultures and phenomena it studies.

Together with Katherine Schultz (University of Colorado, Boulder), Thea Abu El-Haj (Barnard College), Jerald Isseks (Rutgers University) and Elzbieta Maria Drazkiewicz-Grodzicka (Maynooth University), Hana Cervinkova participated in the panel Interrogating educational policies and practices through frameworks of conflict, counter-democracy, and distrust: Families, educators, and youth engaging with policy across national settings (U.S., Poland, Lebanon, Ireland). As organizer and participant of the panel, Hana presented research from her ethnographic field work in Poland captured under the title: Struggling for Inclusive Imaginaries of Belonging. Policies and Practices of Educational Inclusion in Poland.        

Josefine Wagner organized the panel Struggling for Justice Within the Inclusion Policy-Scape: Re-Thinking the Foundations, Contradictions, and Exclusions of “Inclusion” together with colleagues Deborah L. Michaels (Grinnell College), Monica E. Rodrigues (Ferris State University), Richard Senghas (Sonoma State University) and Erich Fox Tree (Wilfried Laurier University). She presented material from her German research site that comes out of a multi-sited school based ethnography of Central European schools in her paper titled Overcoming Predictable Outcomes: From Special and Foreigner Pedagogy to Inclusive Education.

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