Virtual Seminar 2019 – Career Perspectives of EDiTE Graduates

Final Virtual Seminar

The third and final European Virtual Joint Seminar 2019 entitled “Career Perspectives of EDiTE Graduates” took place on Thursday, May 16, between 14:00 and 16:00 CEST. It was hosted by the University of Lower Silesia with a technical support from the University of Innsbruck.

During the seminar we were honoured and proud to host Professor Marilyn Cochran-Smith (Boston College, USA) who gave an inspiring lecture entitled “Reflections on Teacher Education: Looking Forward, Looking Back” and shared with us reflections on her career path.

The seminar was offered after graduation of most of the EDiTE Early Stage Researchers and EDiTE Self-Funded Researchers. The focus was on monitoring and supporting the career trajectory of researchers in the scientific community and non‐academic Teacher Education. The event aimed to support summative evaluation of the EDiTE‐EJD programme, taking into account the experiences and personal professional development of graduates thus far.

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