Impact of EDiTE

Myanmar Day at ELTE

Six Myanmar doctoral students of the Faculty of Education and Psychology from Eötvös Loránd University held an event “Myanmar Day” on 16 May, 2019.
The Presenters were five first year PhD students of the international doctoral programme in European Teacher Education and Higher Education research, the continuation of EDiTE at ELTE and the sixth person was an adult education student from the faculty. The event covered such topics as Education in Myanmar including both Basic Education and Higher Education, with special focus on Higher Education and its reform strategy, implementations, current tasks, vocational training and teacher education of Myanmar as well as school university partnership.
Honourable special guests such as professors, directors, associate processors, assistant professors, project managers, teacher educators, senior lecturers, administrators, officers, doctoral students and master students from Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University, Corvinus University Budapest and University of Szeged attended the event.

Professor Gabor, Head and Doctoral School of Education and the Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Belgrade, Serbia

H E U Myo Aye, the Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar from Belgrade, Serbia, also attended “Myanmar Day” and expressed his high appreciation of the event and gave a traditional handmade painting of Myanmar to Dr Gábor Halász, Professor and Head of the Doctoral School of Education from ELTE PPK, showing the significance of educational cooperation between Myanmar and Hungary.
The event received a lot of extremely positive feedbacks from the other honourable guests who were attending the event. The programme clearly demonstrated the impact of EDiTE on internationalizing doctoral education and opening the doctoral school of ELTE and the EDiTE network to Easter Asia.

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