Celebrating the Success of the European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE – Horizon 2020, MCS ITN Actions) through International Doctoral Defenses.

On March 14 and 19, the University of Lower Silesia hosted two high-profile international events – the doctoral defenses of Marie Curie Skłodowska Research Fellows and doctoral researchers Josefine Wagner (Germany) and Tamas Toth (Hungary). Josefine Wagner and Tamas Toth were participants in the prestigious EU-funded Horizon 2020 European Union Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) and for three years they pursued their doctoral research in the community of EDiTE researchers at the University of Lower Silesia, Lucie Bucharova and Monika Rusnak (who also submitted their dissertation and will defend in the nearest future), Agnieszka Licznerska, Ewa Stoecker, Beata Telatynska and Beata Zwierzynska.

In their transnational ethnographic research projects, Josefine Wagner and Tamas Toth focused on exploring how European schools grapple with social justice and inclusion. Wagner’s dissertation entitled, Struggling for Educational Justice in Disabling Societies: A Multi-Sited School-Based Ethnography on Inclusive Policies and Practices in Poland, Austria, and Germany, is a qualitative ethnographic portrait of how schools in Germany, Austria and Poland cope with EU policy on educational inclusion. Her dissertation was supervised by Prof. DSW dr hab. Hana Cervinkova of ULS and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mag Michael Schratz of the University of Innsbruck who is also the founder of EDiTE, while Prof. Cervinkova is the national coordinator of EDiTE for Poland. The dissertation defense on March 14 was also attended by the assistant supervisor, the educational and Holocaust scholar, Dr. Juliet Golden (USA) and the reviewers, Prof. Graciela Slesaransky Poe of Arcadia University (USA) and Prof. dr hab. Zenon Gajdzica of the University of Silesia who both submitted that her dissertation be awarded with distinction.

On March 19, Tamas Toth defended his work, Crossing the Threshold in the Margins: From the Critique of Ideology Towards Emancipatory Practices, a theoretically sophisticated ethnographic study inspired by the educational exclusion of the Roma community in Central Europe, writtenunder the supervisor Prof. DSW dr hab. Lotar Rasinski and co-supervisor Dr. hab György Meszaros of ELTE University in Budapest. His reviewers – Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Szkudlarek of the University of Gdansk and Prof. Eva Szabolcs of ELTE University in Budapest both asked for his dissertation to be awarded with distinction. On the same day, the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Education of ULS awarded doctoral degrees and bestowed distinctions on both Josefine Wagner and Tamas Toth. As a part of the EDiTE co-tutelle agreements, Dr. Wagner will also receive a doctoral degree from the University of Innsbruck and Dr. Toth from the ELTE University.

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