A Visit to the Ghent Summer School as Part of Preparing for the Next Summer in Budapest

When it comes to organising a great summer school, it is never too early to start with preparations. EDiTE Summer School 2017 in Wrocław was an excellent example and ELTE University who is organising the next one in Budapest has already started gathering ideas.

The Summer School 2018 will have a special feature and as such will be organised in exciting collaboration with the Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education (NAFOL). With this in mind, EDiTE’s Early Stage Researcher Csilla Pesti and project manager Judit Saád participated in the Joint Summer School that NAFOL and Ghent University delivered in Belgium this summer. The two ELTE representatives went to the event as part of the organisational committee of the EDiTE Summer School 2018 thus they had a chance to observe and experience a collaborative summer school design partly implemented by NAFOL. It is also important to note that NAFOL is lead by Kari Smith, member of the EDITE’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The Joint Summer School took place in Ghent, Belgium, 23-25 August 2017, and the overarching theme was Conducting research in the field of teacher education: Challenges, pitfalls and important themes. The main aim was to educate the participating PhD students how to go through the world of academia by giving them the opportunities to introduce keynote speakers and draw conclusions in an open space discussions. Other elements included practicing and learning through presenting own research and developing critical analyses of the research work they and their peers are conducting, as well as hints and tricks in preparing a good article for publishing and keeping the motivation high.

The Joint Summer School in Ghent brought many interesting ideas that will be useful for planning a well-structured and carefully designed summer school next year. Furthermore, ideas extended to possibilities of continuation of EDiTE, as well as collaboration between other PhD programmes. It was beneficial to experience a joint event that contributed to researchers’ professional work, as well as supports collaboration and elevates the research spirits of the participants. ELTE organisational committee has taken some valuable notes from this event and will be looking forward to implement them in next EDiTE Summer School in Budapest, 2018.

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