EDiTE Summer School in Wroclaw, June 19-23, 2017

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The EDiTE Summer School 2017 was held in Wroclaw, Poland and was organized by the team of the University of Lower Silesia. It took place from June 19 to 23, and was attended by roughly 60 participants, including EDiTE researchers, supervisors and representatives of the partner organizations as well as members of the Scientific Supervisory Board. This Summer School was also combined with the Mid-Term Review Meeting of the EU project officers. The organization of the summer school was entirely based on the feedback that was given after the last summer school in Brno in 2016. Therefore, the character of this year’s summer school was aspired to be highly interactive and geared towards presentation, supervision and guidance of the researchers on their way towards completing their doctoral dissertations.
Whereas the previous summer school was aimed at kick-starting the EDiTE community and presenting the various dissertation project ideas, this time the summer school functioned as a forum of displaying progress and receiving the necessary guidance to be able to plan the remaining time and finishing the dissertation. Hence, the EDiTE conference involved feedback and discussion on each presentation that was given, the EDiTE researchers were able to choose from seven methodological workshops that dealt with computer supported data analysis, triangulation and mixed methods, as well as experiential research, data analysis sessions and supervisory meetings. Moreover, time was allotted to the “supervision triangle” so that each researcher had the opportunity to meet together with supervisor and co-supervisor of extended discussion and reflection. Also, data analysis sessions took place in which the researchers enjoyed the attention of one supervisor together with up to two other researchers. Pressing questions and a fresh perspective on data, methods and interpretation paradigms were exchanged here.
Eventually, the researchers also had time to collaborate and socialize since the summer school was also intended to serve as a forum for building a strong sense of community and a joint vision for the future.

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