NAFOL conference: Validity and Value of Teacher Education Research

This year, NAFOL Conferencetook place in Hamar, Norway, from 22-24 October and two of EDiTE researchers, Helena Kovacs and Vasilis Symeonidis, were invited to participate and present their work. NAFOL is a network of 17 teacher education institutions across the country and this year’s event was hosted by Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. With a number of exciting activities, keynote speeches and knowledge sharing opportunities, this conference was surely a place of learning and community building.

The first two days were open to English speaking guests, including EDiTE and colleagues from Stockholm, Munich, London, etc. The first day keynote speaker, Gert Biesta from Brunel Unviersity London provoked critical reflections on teaching and researching through his talk on Should we be widening the gap between teaching and research?The second day added to the discussions with the keynote on The issue of relevance in researching educational leadership given by Jorunn Møller, Univeristy of Oslo, while in the afternoon the final keynote speech was given by Ernesto Panadero, Universidad Autónomia de Madrid on the topic of assessment. These diverse and interesting themes were sandwiched by parallel paper sessions and poster presentations given by the participants. Helena Kovacs had the chance to speak about the value of teacher learning in innovative schools and Vasilis Symeonidis provided insights on his research on European policies and Europeanisation of national teacher education in Greece, Austria and Hungary.

Beyond this, NAFOL Conference in Hamar was a great opportunity to see a practice that heavily values the sense of community as well as individual contribution. Artistic expression that is an important aspect of teaching practice and is often lost when doing research was part of the official programme. Many of NAFOL students have engaged in sharing their talents during the joint dinner, as well as integrating elements of fun physical activities during the programme.

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EDiTE Focus Issue – CEPS Journal

We are glad to announce that our EDiTE focus issue in the CEPS Journal has just been published online! You can download the whole focus issue and individual papers in the following link:

The theme of the focus issue is “Transnational Perspectives of Transformative Teacher Learning in an Emerging Europe” and guest editors were Michael Schratz and Vasileios Symeonidis. The issue includes seven papers of the EDiTE researchers related to the theme of transformative teacher learning, as well as two Varia papers and two book reviews. The researchers provide findings of their particular research in one or more European countries. In their work, they approach the theme of the focus issue from different angles by drawing on different aspects of teacher learning, including teacher education, school leadership, diversity, innovation, and others.

The CEPS journey has been truly a community endeavour that lasted approximately two years, from the moment that the EDiTE researchers made a proposal for a focus issue to the CEPS editorial board until revisions took place and the final outcome is now published. Several authors collaborated with their supervisors, as well as partner organisations.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the focus issue and looking forward to receiving your comments!

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EDiTE Virtual Seminar 2018

The EDiTE Virtual Seminar took place between 13-14 March and was organized by the Department of Educational Sciences at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. The event aimed to improve our ESRs’ research skills while empowering them towards a successful completion of their doctorate programme.

This virtual seminar was attended by nearly fifty people from different universities in seven European countries.

The event consisted of presentations relevant to the research process, with the presentation of topics such as: “how to write a doctoral thesis”, ethics, dissemination of scientific results and life after the Ph.D.

The presenters, Vernon Trafford,  Roman Švaříček, Michal Petr, Monika Sieberová,  Lucie Škarková, Kari Smith, Pat Thomson and Kristýna Vlčková provided the attendees insightful theoretical and practical ideas aimed to support the development of their thesis during the last year of the EDiTE Programme.


Call for Papers: Back to Reality – Mapping the Crossroads between Theory and Practice in International Teacher Education Research

In a cooperation between EDiTE and NAFOL, we’ve announced a new opportunity for publishing in the forthcoming conference book: Back to Reality – Mapping the Crossroads between Theory and Practice in International Teacher Education Research. This publication is aimed to showcase a large diversity of educational issues with a particular focus on how they reflect on the educational realities, in classrooms, kindergartens, schools, universities, policy-making bodies, and other places where educational practice happens. With this book we would like to provide an understanding what research means for practice and what are the practical recommendations generated from our research endeavours.
The book is prepared in collaboration with the Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education (NAFOL) and it aims at bringing together academic input from early-career researchers working on a wide array of issues related with educational research and practice. We welcome contributions which have the potentiality to interpret the (dis)connection and map the crossroads between educational research and practice.

This book is matched and married with the EDiTE-NAFOL 2018 Conference in Budapest and as such is specifically devoted to the works of researchers at their early stage of careers. Both the conference and the book focus on showcasing the research potential of the next generation of researchers and the valuable insights they can bring to the table in their respected educational fields. It is at the highest principle of EDiTE and NAFOL to support the applicative powers of research hence this book offers space for topics that embrace development and testing of new practices, research with practitioners, policy and practice research that hold valuable insights to future of policy-making, as well as evidence-based research implications for practice.

Please have a closer look at the Call for Papers and the requirements, and in case there any questions do not hesitate to contact us at

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Announcing the EDiTE Knowledge Portal

It is with great pleasure that the team at University of Lower Silesia announces the EDiTE Knowledge Portal. The portal is in testing phase (Beta version). We’ve already started a second development phase, during which we are going to add extra functionalities, and the Slack integration. Through the Knowledge Portal you can get to know our doctoral researchers and their work, explore the personal profiles which include areas of academic interest, theoretical and methodological frameworks as well as recent and prospective research activities and make use of the contact information given and get in touch to receive more details in areas of interest to you. As an online collaborative space the Knowledge Portal invites external partners to connect to the community. We would like to encourage cooperation between our partners and offer our own contributions to research as a source to anyone who might see our work fit to develop their own practical and theoretical approaches.