Conference: Inclusion. Educational Challenges and Opportunities at the University of Lower Silesia

On October 4, 2017, the University of Lower Silesia together with the EDiTE partner institution Stanisław Tołpa Primary School no. 90 in Wroclaw and the European Commission Regional Office hosted a conference for teachers and educators on the challenges and opportunities of inclusion in mainstream education. After the welcome addresses by the Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. DSW dr hab. Pawel Rudnicki and the Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Urszula Dzikiewicz, the  conference was kicked off with an inspirational key note speech by EDiTE supervisor Professor Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak, University of Szczecin, on “School Culture as an Agent and Medium of Respect of the Right to Education”. International guests from Italy, Spain and Romania, participating together with Stanisław Tołpa Primary School no. 90 in the Erasmus+ program Art and Emotions, introduced themselves and presented experiences from their schools with inclusive learning. Throughout the rest of the day, roughly 70 practitioners from schools from all over Wroclaw were able to choose from five different workshops that ran twice for two hours each. The workshops included topics, such as “Counteracting exclusion: Class and school diversity as a challenge” by Ewa Stoecker and The Human Library project introduced by Kamila Prociow. Furthermore, there were workshops dealing with the practice of inclusive education in public schools by Ewa Granat and social inclusion of kids with disabilities as well communication about the topic of disability by Agnieszka Kossowska, author of “Big Issues in Small Heads”. A fifth workshop in English was offered by the Spanish teacher participant, Gracia Sonia Jimenez Vega on the TEI program (peer tutoring) in Spanish education. Translators ensured smooth communication between different language speakers throughout the whole conference day. The event also attracted the interest of the Polish media. In advance, EDiTE supervisor Prof. DSW dr hab. and rector of the University of Lower Silesia, Hana Cervinkova together with the vice-director of primary school No. 90, Malogorzata Gluch, promoted  the conference in an interview and informed about the topic of social and educational inclusion. To find out more about the conference schedule please click here, to read a detailed description of the workshops, please click here, if you are interested in Prof. Czerepaniack-Walczak’s speech, you can check it out here.