School-University Partnership Insights from an International Doctorate Program on Teacher Education


Within the EDiTE project a research project was conceived and implemented by ELTE and their three Early Stage Researchers in the frame of work package 5, focusing on building partnerships.
The research was aimed at exploring the role of School-University Partnerships (SUPs) in teacher education and educational development. The research was designed including four pillars.
In the first pillar, the theoretical framework of the research was established based on a systematic literature review carried out in a multi-dimensional way combining different perspectives of all researchers involved. In the second pillar, next to the small-scale quantitative research on EDiTE school-university partnership, in particular, another quantitative inquiry was foreseen broadening the scope to the national contexts of the EDiTE partner universities. Each partner universities were offered to research within their national context based on the survey tool developed by the ELTE team. In the third pillar the project team used all the gathered quantitative insights that were undertaken throughout the EDiTE project and used it as a base to further investigation through a qualitative design. Finally, in the fourth pillar, several international examples have been explored that create a comparative and analytical perspective towards similar partnerships around the world.

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