EDiTE at ONK 2018

XVIII National Conference on Education (ONK) is the biggest conference on educational research in Hungary and this year ELTE Faulty of Education and Psychology had the role of being the host of the conference. As such, members of the EDiTE network took the opportunity to participate in different roles, as well as present their research. The event took place between 8 and 10 November in Budapest.

Most of the conference was delivered in Hungarian although there were several important parts in English, such as two keynote speeches during the first two days. The first day Markku Niemivirta from University of Helsinki and University of Oslo has talked about students’ achievement, motivation and success through his keynote titled Striving for achievement – A double-edge sword?During the second day, keynote was given by Meg Maguire from King’s Collage, London about educational values in the UK and how they affect the key participants such as teachers and students. Both of these keynotes are available through video stream here.

The programme provided a vast diversity of topics through parallel sessions, symposia and poster presentations. Helena Kovacs, one of the EDiTE researchers, gave a presentation based on her research entitled The importance of school innovation for teacher learningand raised some interesting discussion among the audience. Csilla Pesti, another of ELTE EDiTE researchers participated in a different role this time, delivering logistical support as a leader of the volunteers that assisted throughout the event and ensuring the smooth running of the entire conference.


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