EDiTE @ 7th International Conference on TEFL




EDiTE early-stage researcher, Shaima Muhammad, who is still on her mobility in Lisbon had the chance to attend and present at the 7thTEFL International conference under the theme: Intercultural Language Education for Increased European Identity and Cohesion. Many presentations focused on the need to incorporate cognitively demanding content in language teaching and to address issues of intercultural education, which has been a part of global and regional efforts to cultivate a critical democratic global citizen.

The conference was unique in that it didn’t just feature researchers who presented their studies but it was also an opportunity for schoolteachers to attend and reflect on some strategies and approaches to implement intercultural and democratic citizenship education in the classroom. Although a recent educational reform has enforced a new pilot subject on democratic citizenship in Portugal, the cross-curricular approach is still present and teachers of all subjects are expected to address issues of intercultural and democratic education in their subjects including language teaching.

Shaima’s presentation focused on a case study of an innovative course designed by English teachers to address issues of democratic citizenship.

Please find more information about the conference here, including the conference program and the list of abstracts.

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