EDiTE at the 7th Rethinking Educational Ethnography Conference


The 7th Rethinking Educational Ethnography Conference, that took place at 1-2 June 2018 was organized by EDiTE supervisor György Mészáros at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University. With the theme “Rethinking platforms for teaching ethnography: facing changing conceptualizations of culture and challenges from post-materialist philosophy, globalization, and mobile modernity”, the conference’s main focus was on the challenges of ethnography and teaching ethnography; the changing platforms for teaching and learning ethnography; the specificities of Eastern European academia in relation to ethnography; the dynamics of centre, semi-periphery and periphery;  neoliberal challenges for ethnographic research and its transmission; post-modern and post-materialist philosophy and learning ethnograpy;  learning new methods to study teaching and learning in the context of globalization and mobile modernity. EDiTE researcher from the University of Lower Silesia, Tamas Tóth presented his ethnographic research on teacher education in the context of marginalized communitites in the Eastern-European peripheries.

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