Beata Zwierzynska and Wiktor Bernard, EDiTE researchers, participated in workshop for teachers and educators on the topic of the usage of smartphones in education “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” on 30th May – 04th June 2018 at University of Algarve, Portugal.

While some schools forbid bringing smartphones to schools and create harsh rules when using technology in the classroom, BYOD encourages students, under teachers’ guidance, to use their own devices to improve learning when used at needed times. Teachers need to learn not only how to use specific tools, but how to facilitate discussions with students on the dangers of the new media, and teach them critical thinking.

Wiktor and Beata had a chance to learn about new software and apps for smartphones, for example: Mentimeter, its admin panel and assessment potential; Symbaloo and similar tools to document the learning process and collect files; Biteable and videomaking lessons; Padlet which is a tool enhancing classroom collaboration and creativity; Socrative tool as another app for lesson preparation, teacher and peer assessment; examples of Kahoot lessons and more advanced functions. The most complex tool was Milage which was developed by a university consortium, including Algarve. The final experience was connected to the augmented reality: smartphones engaging with the physical space, books, art exhibition, and medicine.

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