EDiTE at ATEE Winter Conference 2018

Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) in collaboration with the host university Hogeschool Utrecht has organised this year’s Winter Conference under the theme Technology and Innovative Learning. The conference took place on 15-16 February in Utrecht and has truly provided a glimpse of the potential of disruptive innovation in education sector.

The first day of the conference featured a number of amazing keynote speeches, including the presentation of Dr. Caroline Pontefract on essential work of the UNRWA-UNESCO in zones most in need of quality education. The second day offered a truly disruptive feeling to the conference, as the organisers partnered with the Perfect Storm conference that aimed at creativity, design thinking and learning. The programme provided a mix of inspiring speeches, such as the one of Dr. Rebecca Ferguson the lead author of the Innovating Pedagogy reports and senior lecturer at the Open University, as well as Ewan McIntosh, the force behind the NoTosh platform. Most significantly, the second day of the conference took place in the creative and innovative working space of the Perfect Storm group settled in an old refurbished furniture factory. The venue itself was unusual setting for an academic conference, one such that hits the point of innovation in education and inspires waves of creativity and disruption.

Our early-stage researcher, Helena Kovacs, was there to represent EDiTE and to talk about her research findings in relation to teacher learning in innovative schools in Portugal. The presentation provoked a discussion not only related to specific learning potential in innovative schools, but also about the necessity for it, as well as the preparedness of teachers and teacher education institutions to actively deal with it.

Next on ATEE conference agenda is the Spring Conference in Bialystok (Poland) from 7-9 June with the overarching topic of Designing Teacher Education and Professional Development for the 21st Century: Current Trends, Challenges and Directions and the Annual Conference in Galve (Sweden) from 20-22 August with the main theme A Future for All – Teaching for a Sustainable Society. It is worthwhile mentioning that the Spring Conference in Poland will also feature Hana Červinková, the programme director of the EDiTE at the University of Lower Silesia. Call for presentations are currently open for both of these ATEE conferences.



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