Edutainment: Lecture on Museums as Places for Lifelong Learning

As primarily places of art and culture, museums are often disregarded in regards to their potential of being powerful learning environments. The general role of the museums today is to mainly cater service to society unlike in the past when they were protagonists of power and wealth accumulation. Yet, from the educationalist point of view, this all can change.

On 26th and 27th September 2017, Masaryk University has invited a guest lecturer Dr. Zsuzsa Koltai, from the University of Pecs in Hungary to give a presentation on topics of “Museums as a place for lifelong learning” and “New tendencies in museum learning and museum education”. Accompanied by students from the Faculty of Arts, EDiTE’s Early Stage Researchers Kinley Seden, Deisi Yunga and Dev Raj Paneru attended the lectures and the discussions. As the lecturer explained there are growing new trends in museum education that focus on learning activities for senior citizens, thus promoting active involvement of the elderly. Another strand of educational trends in museums is delivered through activities that promote the social integration of immigrants.

In addition to this, the discussion brought forth possibilities of more innovative methods in museum education including approaches such as “hands on – minds on – bodies on” and “museum on wheels”, yet the mere fact that this type of educational activity can increasingly improve the lives of people and particularly the elderly was an interesting perspective to discuss. At the end of the day why shouldn’t we think of marrying education and entertainment in order to get “edutainment”: education through entertainment or entertainment through education.

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