EDiTE Conference Volume: European Perspectives in Transformative Education


It is with great pleasure that we announce the edited conference volume, “European Perspectives in Transformative Education,” which is a result of the international conference, held in Wrocław, on June 19th–June 20th. The conference and this publication are an integral part of the European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) project.

In this volume you will find both individually and collectively written papers by the EDiTE researchers that reflect the results of the first year of their research within the EDiTE framework. PART I of the volume contains three collectively elaborated analyses of the three components of the EDiTE theme, Transformative Teacher Learning for Better Student Learning within an Emerging European Context. These papers are based on a complex and challenging joint effort of international teams of EDiTE researchers, who over the course of several months carried on an internal survey, analysis, and discussion concerning the common understanding of the EDiTE research theme. In the PART II the authors were given freedom in choosing themes and co-authors of their papers. The effect is a rich mosaic of focus and scope of interests that aptly mirror the diversity of the EDiTE community.

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Hana Cervinkova, Lotar Rasiński


Michael Schratz, Vasileios Symeonidis, Tamás Tóth

Transformative Teacher Learning: An Analysis of Transformative Dimensions and Relevance
Dev Raj Paneru, Shaima Muhammad, Kinley Seden, Nikolett Szelei, Csilla Pesti, Deisi Yunga, Wiktor Bernad 

Better Student Learning: Is Better Good Enough?
Tamás Tóth, Lucie Buchárová, András Fehérvári, Agnieszka Licznerska, Monika Rusnak, Sofia Sá

The Emerging European Context: Crossing the Threshold to Rise
Vasileios Symeonidis, Helena Kovacs, Josefine Wagner, Malte Gregorzewski, Agata Gajewska-Dyszkiewicz, Ewa Stoecker, Ezra Howard

Concluding Remarks
The EDiTE Researchers 


The Deadlock of Schooling
Tamás Tóth

Pippi Longstocking: Reading beyond an Empowerment Icon
Josefine Wagner, Shaima Muhammad, Ewa Stoecker, Beata Telatyńska

Structural Violence as an Offshoot of the Disciplinary System: Disability, Roma, Education
Agnieszka Licznerska

Revealing the Hidden Profession? Recent Developments to Support: Teacher Educators in Europe – The Cases of Hungary and Poland
Vasileios Symeonidis, Agata Gajewska-Dyszkiewicz

In the Footsteps of Foucault’s Theory of Discipline: Insight into Teacher’s Practice
Monika Rusnak

A Mix that Works for School Development: Teacher Learning and School Leadership
Helena Kovacs, Malte Gregorzewski

A Mix that Works for School Development: School Leadership and Knowledge Sharing
Malte Gregorzewski, Helena Kovacs

‘Grammar of Schooling’ and Authorial Schools in Poland: Selected Examples
Lucie Buchárová

What is Pedagogical Supervision in Europe today? A Study Design through the Lens of Educational Policies, Common Understandings of the Notion and Teacher Perceptions
Wiktor Bernard, Maria J. Mogarro

Information Communication Technology in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Research Perspective: An Analysis of Class-activities and Teacher Roles
Dev Raj Paneru

A Shortcut to Democracy at Schools: A Polish Case
Beata Zwierzyńska

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