The EDiTE 2nd National Meeting with Partner Organisations at UIBK


On January 18th 2017, the UIBK EDiTE team hosted the 2nd national meeting with the Partner Organisations. Two PO representatives were present. The three ESRs who are scheduled to be at UIBK as a part of their mobility also attended via the internet.
The meeting aimed at discussing goals and expectations about the partnership to help create an active partnership and to maintain a relationship that is beneficial for both parties.
Dr. Michael Schratz introduced EDiTE to the partners and explained the themes and goals of the programs which draw on the interdependence of research and practice in education and invite partnerships with academic institutions and organisations.
In their partnership, the UIBK EDiTE program includes the three level of schooling in Austria by collaborating with a primary school (Volksschule Innere Stadt), a middle school (NEUE MITTELSCHULE Vomp-Stans), and a high school (BundesReal Gymnasium in Der Au/ BRG), as well as a research/policy institute in Austria (Bundesinstitut für Bildungsforschung, Innovation & Entwicklung des österreichischen Schulwesens (BIFIE). ESRs attending virtually provided some info about the EDiTE POs at other universities and the way they have been collaborating (internships, open sessions, research activity data collection, etc).
All parties agreed that schools are not there just to be research fields and to do service to the researchers and that both are in a position to provide service for the other. The partnership should be based on equality, democracy, mutual understanding of aspirations, needs and challenges. Although researchers are expected to come prepared and with clear agendas, negotiations are welcome to make both parties benefit and the experience worthwhile.
It was also agreed that UIBK researchers will develop a chart that has information on who is available during which semester and a brief description of their research areas. The chart will be then shared with POs to facilitate placement and collaboration.

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