EDiTE Lecture with Prof. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe: The Changing Paradigm of Inclusive Education

On May 16 – 18. EDiTE Students at the University of Lower Silesia had the exceptional opportunity to participate in two seminars and a conference with Prof. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe from Arcadia University, who is an expert in Educational Inclusion. On the 17th of May 2018, Prof. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe gave a public lecture with the title “The Changing Paradigm of Inclusive Education”. Prof. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe’s presentation was followed by a panel discussion among invited guests from Poland, who contributed with personal experiences on inclusion and inclusive education to the discussion. The conference was organized by IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education). The day before and the day after the conference EDiTE researchers had the honourable opportunity to have two seminars with Prof. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe, and to discuss challenges related to inclusive education – the social construction of identities, the participation of people with disabilities in education, gender stereotyping, racial profiling, etc.

During the Doctoral Seminar on inclusive practices students gained insight to a variety of learning strategies and experiences, and became familiar with current inclusive education theory, practice, advocacy and legislation in the United States. The course emphasized the perspectives of individuals with disabilities and of diverse identities, to ensure access equity and quality education for every student.  During the seminar students engaged with a critical pedagogical lens to study, understand, and address matters of disability, race, gender, identity and expression, sexual orientation, class, and any other minoritized identity, their intersectionality, in the pursuit of equity and social justice.


Dick Howard

Open Lecture with prof. Dick Howard on “Searching for Marx – Then and Now”

On 9 May, 2017 EDiTE students at the University of Lower Silesia attended prof. Dick Howard’s open lecture with the title “Searching for Marx – Then and Now.” Dick Howard is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Stony Brook University, received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Texas. He studied in Paris (with Paul Ricoeur) and Bonn (with Klaus Hartmann). He later worked with Claude Lefort, Cornelius Castoriadis and Jürgen Habermas. A participant in the civil rights and anti-war movements in the US, he was a student at Nanterre in 1968, and traveled thereafter throughout West and East Europe, becoming an early anti-totalitarian leftist.

In his lecture, prof. Dick Howard elaborated his concept of the differentiation between the political (framework where politics happen) and politics (place and practice for transformation) in order to locate his analyzis of the “new left”. The lecture was organized by the EDiTE programme and IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education) and it was streamed on facebook. We highly recommend prof. Howard’s book “From Marx to Kant ” published by Palgrave Macmillan in 1985, where he analyzes the relation of philosophy and politics, and illustrates this by a reinterpretation of Kant, Hegel and Marx.


Open Lecture and Seminar with prof. Dave Hill and dr. Leena Robertson

From April 19-21, 2017 we had a lecture and two extremely inspiring seminars with professor Dave Hill and dr. Leena Robertson (Middlesex Universiry London) at University of Lower Silesia. Prof. Dave Hill presented a Marxist critique of neoliberalism with a special focus to education policies and we discussed his proposal: a socialist manifesto for education. Dr. Leena Robertson gave a presentation on “Education and Rights of Linguistic Minorities in Europe” and we learned in-depth about her Erasmus+ funded project “ROM-tels” which involves People to People Foundation in Romania and four collaborating universities: Newcastle University, (UK), Univerity of Montpellier (France), Helsinki University (Finland) and Middlesex University (UK). The project addresses educational challenges, such as Eastern European Traveller, including Roma pupils’ poor participation and persistently low achievement in education and the decline of home language use in primary classrooms as a pedagogic tool to raise the academic achievement of pupils whose home language(s) differs from the official language of schools. Both lectures were streamed on facebook: Dave Hill on “Critical Education” and Leena Robertson on “Education and Rights of Linguistic Minorities in Europe”. The lectures were organized by the EDiTE programme and IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education).


Announcing the EDiTE Knowledge Portal

It is with great pleasure that the team at University of Lower Silesia announces the EDiTE Knowledge Portal. The portal is in testing phase (Beta version). We’ve already started a second development phase, during which we are going to add extra functionalities, and the Slack integration. Through the Knowledge Portal you can get to know our doctoral researchers and their work, explore the personal profiles which include areas of academic interest, theoretical and methodological frameworks as well as recent and prospective research activities and make use of the contact information given and get in touch to receive more details in areas of interest to you. As an online collaborative space the Knowledge Portal invites external partners to connect to the community. We would like to encourage cooperation between our partners and offer our own contributions to research as a source to anyone who might see our work fit to develop their own practical and theoretical approaches.


Public lecture and seminars with prof. Thomas Wallgren

We had two extremely interesting seminars with professor Thomas Wallgren (University of Helsinki) at University of Lower Silesia and we were pleased to welcome an EDiTE Researcher from Brno, Dev Raj Paneru (Masaryk University). EDiTE researchers had the honourable opportunity to have a conversation with prof. Wallgren (elected to the Helsinki City Council as a Social Democrat from 2008) and discusse among others the manifold dimensions of language games, the role of science in constructing the Truth, the challenges of rationality in the crisis of modernity, and the possible contributions of Wittgenstein in the discourse of pedagogy posing the questions “What to learn?”, “How to learn?” and “Why to learn”, placing pedagogy as an ethical problem. On the 19th of October prof. Wallgren held an open lecture on “Wittgenstein, philosophy and the crisis of modernity”, which was streamed on facebook. The lecture was organized by the EDiTE programme and IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education). We highly recommend prof. Wallgren’s book “Transformative Philosophy: Socrates, Wittgenstein, and the Democratic Spirit of Philosophy” published by Lexington Books in 2006.


Seminar and public lecture with prof. David Ost

On the 23th of May 2016, professor David Ost (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) gave a public lecture with the title “Po solidarności” (After Solidarity) at the University of Lower Silesia. The lecture was organized by the EDiTE programme and IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education). EDiTE researchers had the honourable opportunity to have a seminar with professor Ost, and discussed among others his concepts of solidarity – from above (state socialism), egalitarian (social-democratic), exclusionary (fascist) -, possible varieties of capitalism (liberal market economy, coordinated market economy, etc.), and the managerialization and decline of unions with a special focus of the possibilities of teachers’ unions and how the post-socialist heritage makes these unions weak in contemporary neoliberalizing East-Central Europe. We recommend here two of his recetn articles, discussing the Regime Change in Poland, Carried Out From Within and his Thoughts on the Hungarian and Polish New Right in Power.