2017-02-16 TLT course - 1b

Teacher Education in Action – EDiTE Students at ELTE Have Started Their Teaching Activities

2017-02-16 TLT course - 1b

EDiTE students at ELTE are not only researching teacher education, but during the spring semester of 2017 they are teaching their own course, the Learning Teacher. The course was developed by the EDiTE students and it is offered to Education BA students. While teaching in undergraduate and graduate courses is a good learning opportunity for the EDiTE students, it is also an exciting challenge and learning opportunity for the BA students to develop their English presentation skills, skills in academic writing, and use of digital learning platforms. In addition, students are offered to gain perspectives of research in the topics of teacher knowledge and the importance of practice in teacher education, teacher learning in schools, the importance of innovative practices and the professional development in teaching in comparison with other professions across Europe.
The course builds on the individual researches of the three EDiTE students under the common research frame program titled the Learning Teacher. The course is an innovation in many ways: it is held together by three teachers (EDiTE students), and it combines real presence with virtual elements (one of the teachers will be on her secondment at a partner university of the EDiTE program during the course).
The main thematic focus of the course is teacher learning with a special emphasis on learning in context of practice and work. One of the key questions that the course will try to discover over the period of the semester is how teachers and student teachers learn about effective pupil learning while doing school based practice or while performing their daily work in classrooms and teacher communities.
The course aims to contribute to the students’ knowledge regarding the following three themes:

  • Teacher knowledge and the importance of practice in teacher education
  • Teacher learning in school and the importance of innovative practices

Professional learning in teaching and in other professions as part of the adult learning paradigm
The first introductory session was held on 16/02/2017.