EDiTE crew with Peter McLaren

EDiTE at the 6th International Conference on Critical Education

EDiTE researchers and supervisors attended the 6th International Conference on Critical Education (ICCE), previously held in Athens (2011, 2012), Ankara (2013), Thessaloniki (2014) and Wroclaw, Poland (2015). ICCE is a forum for scholars, educators and activists committed to social and economic justice.  The 6th ICCE: Dialogue, Solidarity and Resistance against Neo-liberalism and Neo-conservatism in Education took place in London at Middlesex University, 10 – 13 August 2016. 


Professor Hana Cervinkova (supervisor and program director in EDiTE): “Neo-conservatism, Precarity and New Citizenship Education in Poland”

Professor Lotar Rasiński (EDiTE supervisor): “What Does it Mean to Be Critical?”

Tamás Tóth (EDiTE researcher) and professor György Mészáros (EDiTE co-supervisor): “Critical Pedagogues in a Post-Socialist Country. Collaborative Auto-Ethnography of two Academic Selves in the Hungarian Neoliberal Context”

Vasileios Symeonidis (EDiTE researcher): “Moving from Global Policies to Local Practices: A Critical Study of Teacher Education Discourse in Europe”

Josefine Wagner (EDiTE researcher) presenting “‘I-Kind’ a body of power struggles”

The International Conference on Critical Education (ICCE) provides a vibrant and egalitarian, non-elitist, platform for scholars, educators, activists, students and others interested in critical education and in contesting the current neo-liberal/ neo-conservative/ nationalist hegemony, to come together and engage in a free, democratic and productive dialogue. 

See the full conference book here!