Equity and Europeanisation: EDiTE at ÖFEB-Kongress

Inclusion in education is a very important discussion in Austria today and this was also the main topic of this years’ ÖFEB-Kongress in Feldkirch, Austria. The ÖFEB-Kogress is the biggest educational research conference in Austria and it takes place every two years. This year, the conference happened between September 19-22 under the joint organisation of Austrian Association of Research and Development (Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung im Bildungswesen) and Pädagogische Hochschule Vorarlberg.

The overarching theme of ÖFEB-Kongress 2017 was Education: Excellence. Equity. Inclusion? (Bildung: Leistungsstark. Chancengerecht. Inklusiv?) and EDiTE community did not miss the chance to join the important discussions. EDiTE was represented by Vasileios Symeonidis who pointed out the perspectives on the topic from his own research on Europeanisation in teacher education, focusing on the case of Hungary.

The central discussion followed the thread of how education systems define success in terms of student performance, thus a comprehensive approach to equity in education that provides best possible development of all learners is a must for both policy-makers and practitioners. In the relevant conversations, Vasilis did point out the importance of European policies and what kinds of quality criteria are translated into national teacher education system.