EDiTE at the German School Awards

EDiTE coordinator, supervisor and professor Michael Schratz and EDiTE-ESR Malte Gregorzewski participated in the ceremony of the German School Award on 14 May. The award was launched in 2006 by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Heidehof Foundation to honour educational achievements and help make them usable to improve the quality of schools across Germany and in German international schools. The competition is based on six quality criteria: academic achievement, approach to diversity, quality of instruction, responsibility, school culture, and school development. Amongst his many duties Michael Schratz serves as the spokesman of the jury, while Malte Gregorzewski, besides working on his PhD-thesis about Leadership for Learning, is part of the Innsbruck-based research group which conducts case studies about selected schools awarded with the German School Award, led by Michael Schratz.

Altogether 15 schools were nominated for the 2018 German School Award and invited to attend the award ceremony in Berlin on 14 May with a delegation of students and teachers. Anja Karliczek, the Federal Minister of Education and Research, presented the award at the event in Berlin. The jury nominated Evangelische Schulzentrum Martinschule in Greifswald as a winner of the 2018 German School Award, which includes a prize of 100,000 euros. Apart of the winner, the top five schools received a prize of 25,000 euros (Gesamtschule Bremen Ost, Franz-Leuninger-Schule in Mengerskirchen, Integrierte Gesamtschule Hannover-List, Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium in Münster, and the Matthias-Claudius-Schule in Bochum). All nominated schools that have not been awarded receive a recognition prize of 5,000 euros. Nevertheless, being among 15 selected for the award means that the schools will benefit from the German School Award development programme, and will receive individual process support and participation in seminars over the next two year. Read more here.