EDiTE Lisbon Team Launching BA Module „Educational Issues in Europe”

EDiTE Lisbon team embarked on a new mission this term: introducing a wide array of European perspectives, issues and research topics in the University of Lisbon’s Bachelor programme in Education and Administration. Although long-term courses are usually held only in Portuguese at IEUL, EDiTE Lisbon team established the very first English-language course in the BA programme. The aim of the course is to open up topics in European education for higher education students that both reflect EDiTE research and respond to the needs of university students. The seminars are going to be held by several EDiTE researchers and provide glimpses into different current European topics, so that later on students themselves can decide which area to look into more profoundly. The proposed topics will touch on prescriptive teacher training, initial teacher education, elementary school teaching, active learning in higher education, as well as issues of equity, inclusion, democratic citizenship and multuculturalism in education; lectured by EDiTE members Luís Tinoca, Inés Alves, Lucie Bucharová, Ezra Howard, Shaima Muhammad, Wanderson Oliveira, Sofia Sá and Nikolett Szelei.