Recognition Award 2019 – University of Innsbruck

On the 9th of October 2019 at 14.00, our EDiTE ESR Vasileios Symeonidis was awarded the “Annerkungspreis der Jury der Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck 2019“ for his doctoral dissertation. The award was given by the Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Innsbruck during a ceremony in which selected participants presented in short their dissertations. The award is provided annually by the municipality of Innsbruck and aims to recognise research projects conducted at the University of Innsbruck. Together with a certificate, the award includes a sum of Euro 500 that can be used for scientific activities. More information about the awarding ceremony can be found here:



(E)merging Into a New Future: Michael Schratz Retires

Michael Schratz, dean of the School of Education at the University of Innsbruck and head coordinator of the EDiTE project, retired on 29.09.2017. The whole day was dedicated to get a glimpse into Michael`s academic work, as well as his fruitful collaborations with schools in Innsbruck and around the world. In the morning, three schools opened their doors for visitors: Bundesrealgymnasium in der Au (EDiTE partner school), Volksschule Innere Stadt (EDiTE partner school), and UNESCO Neue Mittelschule Gabelsbergerstrasse. In the evening, family, friends and colleagues, international and Austrian academics, school practitioners; moreover, government representatives gathered to honour Michael Schratz`s lifetime work as part of his retirement ceremony. Speeches by Michael`s colleagues addressed his projects from the different stages of his career. EDiTE, Michael`s most recent grandiose project on teacher education, a unique initiative to join doctorate programmes of five universities and to improve teacher education in Europe, was introduced by Vasileios Symeonidis, EDiTE researcher, and Romita Iucu, collaborator within the EDiTE network during the previous phases. Malte Gregorzewski, EDiTE researcher, also presented his work with Michael in the Leadership Academy. Michael received the “Austrian Cross of Honour”, the highest possible award scientists can receive in Austria, for his outstanding research activity. The ceremony ended with a grand hall full of people on their feet applauding for Michael, including many EDiTE members. EDiTE is grateful for Michael to initiate the project, and to support the EDiTE researchers with never-ending enthusiasm. Although Michael is retiring from most of his duties, he will still stay with EDiTE until the end of the project.


Michael receives the “Austrian Cross of Honour”. (from the left: Tillman Mark (rector of University of Innsbruck), Michael Schratz (dean of the School of Education), Bernhard Tilg (councillor)). Photo courtesy to University of Innsbruck



The EDiTE project introduced at Michael`s retirement ceremony


The EDiTE project presented by Vasilis Symeonidis (on the left) and Romita Iucu (on the right)