EDiTE Researchers participate at the 61st ICET World Assembly, 2017

The 61st ICET World Assembly was held in Masaryk University, Brno from 28th to 30th June. The conference was hosted by Faculty of Arts, Department of Educational Sciences with Dr. Roman Švaříček, supervisor to one of the EDiTE fellows, as the conference chair. The title of the conference was, “Re-thinking Teacher Professional Education: Using Research Findings for Better Learning”. The sub themes covered at the conference were:

  • Improving quality of learning
  • Teacher as Leaders of learning
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development
  • Teaching in Digital Era
  • Learning Communities, Partnerships and Network and
  • International Trends in Teacher Education.

Workshops were organized on how to make one’s research interesting as well as how to get it published. There were also round table sessions that addressed issues like internationalization in teacher education, teacher recruitment and retention issues, contemporary leaderships in teacher education, and teacher professional development in the 21st century. The key note sessions were Forty years a Teacher Educator: Lessons Learned from Reflective Practice, Transformative Professional Learning in Teacher Education: What, Why and How, and Types of Intergenerational Learning among Teachers. The key note sessions touched upon how important it is for the educators to learn from experience and reflection so one can be informed about their own practices. It also addressed information on the idea of transformative professional learning. The final key note session focused on types of Intergenerational learning and how intergenerational learning can contribute to learning amongst the teachers.

Teacher educators from various countries participated in the conference. Interesting knowledge, insights and findings were shared that drew lots of discussion and interaction. All the participants made enormous contributions to make ICET a remarkable learning community.

Three researchers from the European Doctorate in Teacher Educator (EDiTE) participated in the conference. Deisi Yunga, Dev Raj Paneru and Kinley Seden presented their research papers. The researchers expressed that the conference enriched them with knowledge, skills and values. Apart from presenting individual research, the researchers made an effort to inform the audience of EDiTE as a research community of transnational researchers, professionals and academics, its mission, vision and the main activities as a part of acknowledgement to Horizon 2020 project and its funders. More importantly it gave them the opportunity to network with educators from around the globe.

As part of the 61st ICET world Assembly, the exquisite Gala Dinner was organized for the assembly participants on 29th June. The event provided participants with yet another platform to interact and discuss various other issues besides their papers. The EDiTE researchers attended the Gala Night along with their supervisors.

The researchers had the privilege to experience the warmth of Czech culture and tradition. The cultural event displayed a variety of musical dances and performances. The EDiTE researchers along with other participants were mesmerized by the cultural performances. The dancers engaged the conference participants in a traditional Czech dance after their performances. The participants coming from all over the world were thrilled by the cultural dance and songs.

In addition, the local band played classic rock and pop songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and made the participants nostalgic. It also gave them an unforgettable and entertaining night. The participants had a delightful and enjoyable night. Delicious meals were served. The event offered a wonderful memory for the participants.