Change or Tradition in Daily Practice in Elementary Teaching In the Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal

Lucie Bucharova, Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak & Anna Babicka-Wirkus…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Critical Pedagogues in a Post-Socialist Country. Collaborative Auto-Ethnography of two Academic Selves in the Hungarian Neoliberal Context

Abstract by Tamas Toth for International Conference on Critical…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Teaching the ‘Good’ Citizen: Case studies from Austria and Portugal

Shaima Muhammad's abstrat for History Educators International…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Teacher learning in the context of adult professional learning

Abstract by Deisi Yunga for The Learning Teacher Workshop…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Unfreezing pedagogies: a Portuguese perspective on teacher professional learning through pedagogical innovation

ATEE Winter Conference 2018 Book of Abstracts with Helena…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Pedagogical supervision in Poland and Portugal; discourses, projects and teacher development

Presentation by Wiktor Bernad during 2018 NAFOL Conference…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Releváns irodalmak keresése, adatbázisok vizsgálata, informació-menedzsment a szisztematikus szakirodalmi áttekintésben

Presentation by Csilla Pesti during XVI. Országos Neveléstudományi…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

The Austrian Leadership Academy

Presentation by Malte Gregorzewski during European Conference…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Developing Teacher Subjective Theory Of Assessment

Poster presentation by Kinley Seden during 2018 NAFOL Conference…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

The Limits of Educational Justice in Europe: A Multi-Sited School-based Ethnography of Inclusive Policy and Practices

Poster presentation by Josefine Wagner during 2018 AAA Annual…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Moving from Global Policies to Local Practices: A Critical Study of Teacher Education Discourse in Europe

Abstract by Vasileios Symeonidis for International Conference…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE

Pedagogy of the Spectacle

8th International Conference on Critical Education 2018 Book…
23 July 2020/by adminEDiTE
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