Public lecture and seminars with prof. Thomas Wallgren

We had two extremely interesting seminars with professor Thomas Wallgren (University of Helsinki) at University of Lower Silesia and we were pleased to welcome an EDiTE Researcher from Brno, Dev Raj Paneru (Masaryk University). EDiTE researchers had the honourable opportunity to have a conversation with prof. Wallgren (elected to the Helsinki City Council as a Social Democrat from 2008) and discusse among others the manifold dimensions of language games, the role of science in constructing the Truth, the challenges of rationality in the crisis of modernity, and the possible contributions of Wittgenstein in the discourse of pedagogy posing the questions “What to learn?”, “How to learn?” and “Why to learn”, placing pedagogy as an ethical problem. On the 19th of October prof. Wallgren held an open lecture on “Wittgenstein, philosophy and the crisis of modernity”, which was streamed on facebook. The lecture was organized by the EDiTE programme and IISCE (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education). We highly recommend prof. Wallgren’s book “Transformative Philosophy: Socrates, Wittgenstein, and the Democratic Spirit of Philosophy” published by Lexington Books in 2006.