Open Lecture with Professor Boguslaw Sliwerski

On February 28, 2017, Professor Boguslaw Sliwerski, Chair of the Department of Education Theory of University of Lodz, Chairman of the Committee of Educational Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences,  gave a seminar on Education in politics. Politics in education to EDiTE researchers at the University of Lower Silesia. The participants were asked to read Professor’s recent article Quo Vadis Polish Education?  The  article from International  Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences (Volume 5, Issue 2, September, 2016) was the starting point of the discussion on the issues of Polish educational policies and its influence on the process of democratization of the society and schools. The professor himself was involved in the policy making of the transformation period which draws on the heritage of postwar and 1980’s Solidarity heritage, and advocates the right of a teacher to act with internal freedom and three principles in education: decentralization, autonomy and subsidiarity of the state. Sliwerski has been a strong supporter of the idea that education should be free from political influences and considered a common good. He wrote several books and articles documenting his and his wife’s successful experiment to create “democratic classrooms” called “klasy autorskie” within the public education system in the early 1990’s. He and his wife introduced democratic representations of students, parents and teachers who collaborated, had meetings and fully participated in the classroom and school community.