EDiTE Researchers teaching at Masaryk University

This and previous semester Masaryk University (MU) offered the course “Education and schooling in the 21st century” also offered as “Contemporary Research” in which our researchers: Dev Raj Paneru, Kinley Seden and Deisi Yunga had the opportunity to share the initial outcomes of their research with students of this course and work with them in the Faculty of Arts at MU.

Coordinated by professor Petr Novotný and Ph.D. student  Klára Šlapalová, the EDiTE Early Stage Researchers implemented the course with topics related to teaching, learning and professional development.

This course is one of the classes offered for local and foreign students in the Faculty of Arts and one of its peculiarities is the highly international background of its participants with teachers and students coming from different countries.  This diversity of opinions creates very rich discussions that allow all the participants to learn about diverse education systems and  “teaching and learning” issues from different angles  by addressing key needs of 21st century school.

The integration of digital content, EFL support, and face-to-face traditional classes with a strong reflective component and teacher subjective theory of assessment as key issue to explain and understand schooling needs were the angular stones of this class.

At the end of the semester, the students presented interesting and well developed essays about the topics analyzed in the course getting positive feedback from our ESRs.

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