EDiTE Thematic Section in Forum Oswiatowe

Forum Oswiatowe

Forum Oswiatowe

In Volume 48, No 2(56) of the Polish Journal Forum Oswiatowe (Educational Forum), a thematic section related to EDiTE is included. The specific section hosts some of the first articles of the EDiTE researchers! You can read and download all articles here.

Content of the Thematic Section:

Shaima Muhammad: History Education in Conflict Contexts: Toward Transitional Justice and Emancipation, 11–29

Vasileios Symeonidis, Johanna F. Schwarz: Phenomenon-Based Teaching and Learning through the Pedagogical Lenses of Phenomenology: The Recent Curriculum Reform in Finland,  31–47

Agnieszka Lena Licznerska: Disability and Ethics: A Parent Action in Poland, 49–64

Josefine Wagner: Teachers in Disarray: Clashes Between Inclusive Policy and Practice in a German School,  65–82

Anna Babicka-Wirkus, Monika Rusnak: The Dialectic of Ignorance in School, 83–96

Andrea Liszka, Erika Kopp: Alignment of the External Evaluation and Specific Features of Waldorf Pedagogy,  97–114

Evelyn Eckart: Learning as Educational Experience: Implications for Pedagogical Practice, 115–126

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