Seminar with Prof. Julia White


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On October 31, 2016, Julia White, Assistant Professor at the School of Education of Syracuse University, New York, gave a seminar on Inclusion to EDiTE researchers at the University of Lower Silesia. Prior to the meeting, students were equipped with an extensive list of readings that stretched from literature on critical disability theory (Baglieri, Bejoian et. all 2011; Leonardo & Broderick 2011) to aspects of qualitative research designs in special needs education (Brantlinger 2005, 2004). The five-hour-session was a unique experience to discuss and reflect with Prof. White on current issues in teacher education, student learning, and trends apparent in international education policies. Drawing from her PhD thesis on the schooling of Romani children in Slovakia, Prof. White gave insights into practices of inclusion and exclusion in the United States as well as the Central European context. As a high school teacher of English for children with disabilities and a scholar in fields, such as Critical Race Theory, Disability Studies, and Comparative Education, she shared a vast and fascinating range of expertise with her audience.

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